ITQAN Vacation

Make the best out of your property

  • Up to 40% more profit than the long-term rental market price
  • No Termination period and fee
  • Monthly income with full finance report
  • Get benefit while a property is on sale
  • Able to use your property anytime
  • No Ejari

Up to 20% less than hotels

  • No cheques needed
  • No advance payments
  • Minimum stay is one week
  • Get more space than in hotel rooms
  • Private parking
  • No need for UAE residence
ITQAN Vacation

Why ITQAN Vacation Homes

You can relay on our amazing properties and our customer service.
Flexible Contracts

Our contract is flexible without any cancellation fee.


You are giving your apartment to professionals who will take care of your property

Customer Service First

We provide our partners with peace of mind and satisfaction, and to our clients the best service ever to make them feel happy


We will provide you personal access to our CRM system where you will be able to track all rental activities along with a detailed monthly report.

What is your minimum guarantee?

There is no a certain minimum guarantee, on average we see up to 20% increase in short term rental income over annual rental, with an average occupancy rate of 75%. We can give a rough estimation based on our experience and past historic track records.

Why don't you rent out from me for a long term and pay cheques?

According to our company policy we can work only on commission bases in order to control cash flow and run the business smoothly.

How long is your company in the market?

The company ITQAN itself is long time in the market, but introduced its Vacation Homes services recently, and the employees running this ITQAN Vacation Homes are all very experienced with at least 4 years’ experience in this field.


Happy Clients




Dedicated staff




Our dedicated team can help you find your best vacation home.
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